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Biblical Analysis

Spelling Errors in the Bible:   In the past, people had some pretty funny ideas about what constituted good speeling.   While my own spelling is not the finest in Christendom, I think I would have spotted most of the following errors which slipped past the proof-readers' eyes:

  • Geneva Bible 1562 folio ed. (or Whig Bible) - Matthew 5:9 reads "blessed are the place makers" rather than the "peace makers";
  • the same Bible appears to take a harsh line with widows, reading "Christ condemneth the poore widdowe" instead of "commendeth" at Luke 21;
  • 'Adulterous Bible' (1631) - in a massive Freudian style slip, omitted the word 'not' leaving Exodus 20:14 as "thou shalt commit adultery"!
  • Thomas Bensley (1795) - confused a 'k' for an 'f' with the resultant "let the children first be killed" (Mark 7:27);
  • 'Murderers Bible' (1801) - mixed up 'murderers' and 'murmerers' in Jude 16; and
  • Jerusalem Bible (1966) - instructs readers of Psalm 122:6 to "pay for peace" rather than pray for peace.

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