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The Lord of the Rings:   In the book of Numbers 31:50, the armies of Israel have just finished kicking some other tribe's butt.   In order to make atonement for their sins, they gave booty from their pillage to the Lord.   This had been the command from the law of Moses: "We have therefore brought an oblation (offering) for the Lord.   What every man hath gotten, of jewels of gold, chains, and bracelets, rings, earrings, and tablets, to make atonement for our souls before the Lord."

In the Christian era, of course, atonement for sins cannot be made by financial gifts.   Our sins are wiped out by the payment of a far dearer price - that of Jesus Christ's own precious blood.   Nonetheless, in that Old Testament incident so long ago, the Lord of Hosts was the Lord of the Rings.

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