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A very imperfect ablutioner

Pontius Pilate:   Tradition has it that Pontius Pilate, Governor of Judaea under Tiberius Caesar 26-36 A.D., was born in Strathearn, Perthshire, Scotland. His father is said to have been a roman officer posted there who married a local celtic woman who gave birth to Pilate before the family moved back to the continent.

Pilate's fifteen minutes of fame came when he was drafted in to review the case against a certain Jesus of Nazareth on the grounds that he was able to impose a death penalty [John 18:30-31] - and had previously shown an impressive inclination to do so [Luke 13:1].

Pilate shows something of a cavalier attitude towards his judicial role, finding Jesus "not guilty" [John 18:38] and then proceeding to have him flogged and crucified (pity those who actually were guilty)! Pilate may also have had some sort of obsessive compulsive disorder, washing his hands seemingly at random [Matthew 27:24] - why else would there be soap and water at the ready?

Pontius Pilate was later tried in Rome for oppression and cruelty and may have been ordered to commit suicide by the Emperor (why on earth would anyone agree to do that?).

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