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Biblical Analysis

Overzealous Analysis of the Bible:   Some folk from long ago with more time on their hands than I, have kindly passed down the following information.   In case it ever comes up in a pub quiz or something, I now pass it on to you:

  • the word "and" appears in the (AV) Bible 46,227 times;
  • the word "Lord" appears 1,855 times;
  • the words "reverend" and "girl" just once each, but "everlasting fire" twice;
  • no word in the bible has more than six syllables;
  • the middle book of the Bible is Proverbs;
  • the middle chapter is Job 39;
  • the middle verse is 2 Chronicles 20:17;
  • the longest verse in the Bible is Esther 8:9;
  • the shortest is John 11:35.

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