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He-Man:   Heman was a minor character in the Bible. He first appears in the book of 1 Kings where it is said that he is less clever than Solomon [1 Kings 4:31] (who isn't?). Later, in the books of Chronicles, we find out that he was the son of Joel [1 Chronicles 15:17] and was a musician [1 Chronicles 15:19], and a seer [1 Chronicles 25:5], and went on to have fourteen sons himself [1 Chronicles 25:5]. He also had an associate called Asaph. In his finest hour, he was chosen, along with Jeduthun, to lead worship and praises to God on the occasion of the Ark being brought to the Tabernacle [1 Chronicles 16:42]. It is not recorded whether Heman described God in song as "the Master of the Universe", but he is believed to have moved in later life to Castle Greyskull.

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